Watch the Road Launches New Pedestrian Crosswalk Campaign

LADOT will kick-off new continental crosswalks at the Continental Crosswalk Launch Press Conference on December 17th. Funded by Measure R, the installation of the continental crosswalk at 5th and Spring Streets unveils a pedestrian crosswalk program. Further, 50 of the highest pedestrian-related collision intersections will be converted into continental crosswalks in order to improve pedestrian safety and reduce collisions, injuries, and fatalities. The implementation of 53 intersections should be finished by March 2013. Eventually, LADOT would like to make continental crosswalks a standard for all marked crosswalks in the city.

In order to further educate the public about practicing safe habits at crosswalks, Watch the Road will launch a public service campaign in January 2013 by using posters, billboards, bus stop shelter ads, and bus panel ads to display the message: Be Aware: Move with Care. Watch the Road better educates schools, neighborhood councils, and the larger community about pedestrian and traffic safety.